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I've been using Jomres for some years now, and though I remember the start was very slow, the system is getting better and better the more you learn of it! The customization possibilities are very large, and you can basically find a way for your guests to book "anything".

Of course, make sure that you BUY the system. You can use the free version to try it out, sure, but the real power comes from all the different plugins, and not to mention the excellent support! I have tried several different extensions, but noone is even close to Jomres when it comes to customer support.

For me, this is the only booking system I will ever consider using, as it has features that no other system has - customizable search modules, easy to use calendars, and google maps integration, just to mention some of them. And should you need to change something, you can easily do so yourself (as long as you know a little html and php).