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byedwardcox, September 10, 2014
Marketplace for virtuemart
The guys at webkul quite obviously know their way in and out of Virtuemart/Joomla! and e commerce. The Multi Vendor marketplace for Virtuemart is absolutely essential if you need multiple Vendors/Suppliers to have Front End access to their own marketplaces. I can't recommend this product highly enough - and the support was always prompt, efficient, and friendly. They went the extra mile when needed. Well done.
byedwardcox, July 7, 2014
Component Architect
So far this amazing 'free' version is astounding. Ease of use, powerful, and it does exactly what it says. Architect your own Components and more with this fantastic product. Register, download for free and get to work. Easy as. Thank you Component Architect.
byedwardcox, January 12, 2014
CoalaWeb Contact
Nice to see an above average Contact Form in the JED and the developer has obviously put a lot of work into this one. Well done indeed.

Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review CoalaWeb Contact. I'm proud my effort shows through in the final product. Feel free to drop by with any ideas for improvement or feature requests.



byedwardcox, November 2, 2013
SCLogin Enhanced Login
Very functional, and well designed as well. Especially good with the social login integration. And.. It's free. Well done.
byedwardcox, October 30, 2013
JSN UniForm (Pro) is amazing. It is not just a Form Builder and Manager it is almost a Form CCK. So feature rich, so easy to use. And it was included in the amazing JSN BootPro free template. Whoohoo. This extension can only get better and I can hardly wait. Thank you JSN.
byedwardcox, October 30, 2013
JSN PowerAdmin
What a great extension! Does exactly what it says it does which is a nice surprise. Keep an eye on these guys as they certainly know their Joomla! stuff. Thank you.
Requiring a Joomla! component that could assist me in implementing exceptional Graphs and Charts was an easy decision made easier by Les Arbres Design - and PlotALot. Now I can achieve business essential reporting with ease. Amazing work guys. And for only a few Euro I gained the PlugIn and API reference. Awesome.
byedwardcox, September 1, 2012
Issue Tracker
Wow! this little gem keeps improving with age. Now at 1.2.0 they have added cool new features and most importantly Issue Tracker just "works" as is. Well done.
byedwardcox, September 1, 2012
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A brilliant idea that has been well executed. In fact it's a very clever idea. Imagine being able to make changes and then roll back if you need to. Awesome. Check it out, you will be pleasantly surprised.
byedwardcox, July 7, 2012
SWFobject module
Works as advertised. No fuss, no problems.
Well done. Highly recommended.
byedwardcox, May 6, 2012
Was uncertain what to expect, however this is a good idea that is well executed. Simple, effective, and does the job. Thumbs up for the great work from team Beetso! Thanks guys.
byedwardcox, April 26, 2012
All Icons
Looking for something like this for a long time and along comes All Icons. Free, flexible, functional, and fabulous. Well done and thanks.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words. I like when others can use one of my extensions. Let me know on GitHub if you have any ideas for improvement.

byedwardcox, April 26, 2012
Tobias and team, well done! There simply is no alternative that comes close to ProjectFork.

The core extension is free, what were they thinking? Free? Open Source project management doesn't get any better than that. In fact I used to be 'afraid' of project management but not any more.

It just works - installed without issue, configured in just 10 minutes, integrated into my site with Registered users in 5 minutes.

The user interface is well thought out and constructed it is logical in its simplicity.

On my site with the template I am using ProjectFork looks great with no tweaks required.

Highly recommended to anyone who is thinking of using or providing project management tools to their Joomla! site.

Thank you!
byedwardcox, April 18, 2012
MaQma Helpdesk
iMaQMa Helpdesk is a powerful tool that will enable your Joomla! site to provide a comprehensive level of support to your Users and Clients.
Setting up the system can be quite detailed but that depends on the level and type of support you wish to offer.
Support from the Developers is excellent. Well done and highly recommended.
byedwardcox, January 9, 2012
Art Data
ArtData has enabled me to quickly and easily incorporate SQL reports, graphs, and much more for my clients needs. The support via the Forum is top notch.

Sort of the Swiss Army Knife of Joomla! extensions. Very cool.