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Simple Picture Slideshow
At first, I was not able to get this to work, and read around the posts to find the answer. The error message I got was that the path was not able to be found.

From the posts in the support network, I realized that creating a " stories " folder in the media manager, and then a " simpleslideshow " subfolder within the " stories " folder may have been for a previous version.

Based on this, I created a " simpleslideshow " folder in the media manager, moved over my picture files, then deleted the empty " stories/simpleslideshow " folders.

It still didn't work, so I posted for support. I noticed that the last response to support was in 2012 ( over a year ago ) and that the most recent version was published for 3.1.

I was ready to give up and find another extension, and then I decided to just take a rest before making any hasty decisions. I'm glad I did.

I decided to uninstall and reinstall the extension. Then, I went back through all the setup, and decided to only modify the size of the picture frame, and to leave everything else to default settings.

It worked fine.

Thanks for a great plugin, and I understand that after awhile it gets tiring answering a lot of questions for free.

If anyone here is like me, we've done plenty of work online at no charge ... whether it's creating useful extensions, uploading artwork, or compiling existing online research data into a different format.

It does get tiring to answer questions, when we have bills to pay and other work to do.

Very glad that this extension was created, and that it still works great with the default settings.

Thanks for the free plugin!
byeesylvia, November 29, 2013
Simple MP3 Player
I am a beginner, and at first I was frustrated by this module. It seemed so wonderful, but knowing where to upload the mp3 file held me back just a bit.

I finally realized that I needed to go OUTSIDE of joomla, to the HOSTING platform, and put in a new file folder ... then upload my mp3 to that file.

After I finally got over that learning curve, the module was really awesome. Can adjust the colors, autoplay, everything I want to do.

It would be nice to have as a plugin, but of course there are plenty of module locations within joomla.

Really pleased, super nice, appreciate a lot !
byeesylvia, November 28, 2013
I am new to joomla, and was able to get this installed and working well with only one support contact.

The download .zip file needs to be extracted before uploading, and there are two different .zip files inside the package.

The first one worked, but I had an error message across the top of the module. I contacted support, which returned my email within 24 hours, and got it working perfectly.

Super happy, thanks for the module. Would be even nicer as a plugin, but for a free add-on, it works fabulous :D
Moving Text
I was expecting to have to insert into html, and was surprised to find that the code works directly from the text editor page.

I had to look at the actual published home page to check it out for sure.

As someone else posted "All you have to do, is insert {text=yourtext} in your article."

Really pleased :)