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byefkei, February 16, 2011
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Auto Backlinks
Well, I've installed this component and created a menu link.

Clicking on that link, I can enter my website url and select up to 10 sites. That's it?

So, only one keyword for a hit on those 10 pages and then go on with the next batch?

I'm not really sure whether I use that extension correctly.

Some more information would be nice.
AutoTweet NG Pro
Well, I could finally set up this extension on our website. Twitter worked right from the beginning, however, Facebook was far more difficult. A few special settings that were first not obvious. It worked then as well. The component ultimately allows you to auto-post as group/company. Before you can do that you need to create your own app in Facebook and use some settings then for AutoTweet NG Pro. That was tricky, but I received some valuable information from the creator of this extension to bring it to life on our website. Superb extension and support! Thanks Ulli.

Cheers, kofi
byefkei, December 3, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
Many options for configuration.
If you use JA T3 Framework 2.0 make sure you have upgraded to framework-plugin 1.2.0, because both extensions override core joomla JModuleHelper class.

I had some troubles that modules in article full view were not displayed. AMM solved it, great!
byefkei, November 30, 2010
Set Generator tag
installed within seconds and better than digging into the code directly.
byefkei, November 30, 2010
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installed within seconds and a few clicks to have it customized. perfect!