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I've been using Fabrik for a couple months now and it actually helped me to secure a job from a client where I had to "convert" his original web site that was developed by a team of PHP coders. They dropped further development of his site and that's where I stepped in with Fabrik.

It not only helped me with the custom user forms, it actually allowed me to convert his database application where he is tracking bad creditors for various local business owners who don't pay their bills.

If you pay their very small nominal fee, the offer videos that gets you off to a good start. Yes, the learning curve is a bit tricky, but once you get an understanding of the application and with just a little php knowledge (like I have! :-) ), you will discover just how powerful Fabrik really is. I feel I only scrapped the surface!

I tried Zoo, MightyExtensions Resource, Breezing Forms, ChronoForms and briefly looked at K2 and none of them had what I needed to complete this project for my client. From a team of PHP coders to just me and Fabrik, I can say that the project is complete and my client is happy that his business idea did not go down the drain!

Thanks to Rob and the others at Fabrik for your help and creating a great product. Please, please keep up the good work and YES, get it to a stable release!