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byeiger, September 15, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
I am only using the free version as my site is still Joomla 1.5, but I will definitely upgrade once I have migrated. Installation was simple and the extension is very professionally written and intuitive. You should get an award for this - well done :)
byeiger, June 28, 2013
I got this simply to replace the comment feature on Lyftenbloggie (that does not work). It was really easy to install and worked right away. It is a lot more powerful than I expected and I will definitely use it for more.
byeiger, May 25, 2012
Thanks, this was easy to install and set up. Favicons can be a pain and this makes it easy. For you effort I bought you a coffee :)
byeiger, October 25, 2011
R3D Floater
Thanks for the module. It is very useful, and the instructions are pretty easy even for someone like me to understand. Installed and configured in 5 minutes after figuring out where the newsflash module was hiding :)
byeiger, June 17, 2011
Twitter FollowMe
Thanks for a great module.
Works immediately and easy to configure.
Good instructions leave nothing to doubt.
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to review. It is appreciated.

byeiger, May 10, 2011
EasyCalcCheck PLUS
Thank you for a great extension!
Easy to install and configure. I will use it initially to defend Virtuemart forms, but I see it can do so much more.
Worth a donation - cheers!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

byeiger, December 9, 2009
I have been using VM for years now, patiently dealing with all the bugs and features that don't actually work - hoping the next upgrade will make it better. Eventually I am giving up. Before you decide to use this extension in any meaningful way - first ask what your time is worth because although Virtuemart is free - you only get what you pay for - and in the end its nothing. If your time is valuable like mine, then you will not invest any in this messy extension. Your data is not portable, many features do not work or are linked to others in inexplicable ways let alone the fight you will have on your hands trying to get it to display consistently within your website. Sorry guys, start over.
byeiger, August 26, 2009
Very simple installation. I am no pro, but found it easy to figure out. I only needed to put javascript into content, but it can do much more. Thanks for that.
byeiger, January 24, 2009
Easy to install. Lots of settings. Works. Thanks.
byeiger, January 24, 2009
No hitches with instalation. Works well. No need to register (that really irritates me because I do not want to be registered on so many sites!). Thanks guys.