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byekeller, January 25, 2011
I installed this package on two sites. Installation was quite smooth, but attention, follow the instructions carefully and be sure to enable all relevant components and plugins. The package is light, appropriate and elegant. I like the graphics, particularly the one that shows the returning clients as lines flowing from the previous visits. You get breakdowns by the expected groupings, such as country, page links, search engines, browsers, referrers, keywords, etc. There are hundreds of bots prelisted and bot behaviour is even detected live (an "unknown bot" shows up in my listings) and you can define a user as a bot if you suspect one. I won't miss Google Analytics at very much. The only thing I got with Google that I don't see here is nice country maps with the cities sprinkled all over. But having statistics right in Joomla is so much better. So altogether, a rather complete component. Congratulations to the developers for a huge, well-done job.