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byelbowman, January 23, 2010
Blank Module
This module works perfectly, and is simple to use.

I got my Google Voice icon on my web page post haste.

I'm new enough to Joomla to not completely understand why my icon is not appearing within the article I selected, rather than on the left side under the menu.

Is there a way to place your embedded script within an article?

If this is a novice question, then I've exposed my level of competence. :->
Owner's reply

Thanks for the kind words of support.

The article feature is to enable article content in module positions. This enables people who are unused to writing html to use the module to place content in the left and right columns etc. Most templates have positions with names such as user1 or user2 or advert1 or advert2, which may be more appropriate for you rather than the default left position which you seem to be using

If you need help putting scripts in the main part of page email me at

byelbowman, January 18, 2010
This is as simple as it can get, and it works! Plus, he responds to emails for support unlike others.

Ole has created a super tool for making your slideshows available on your Joomla web site.

Simply, enter {slideshare}Your WordPress embed code{/slideshare}, and you're slideshow is on your page. (!Slideshare for Dummies Like Me note! Copy the 'WordPress' embed code from the site. You have to click 'Custom' next to the default embed code to see the WordPress embed text.)

Ole is my new hero!
byelbowman, June 19, 2009
Rokin Gallery
This is such a well written component. I'm very impressed with the ease of installation and configuration. The speed of image display is exceptional. Then, to top it off, the creator has made the component modular so it's easy to add additional features as desired. Super work!
byelbowman, May 12, 2009
If you're ever faced with creating user accounts for a large existing group this is your tool.

So, simple to install and use I had my 50 user accounts created in less than 15 minutes.

Using an existing member list in Word I created my CSV string. Copied it to the component's field and had my accounts in no time.

Just be careful to follow the string's format requirement. If you miss a comma, or don't place your fields in the proper format (name, login name, email, password) you'll have a problem.
byelbowman, April 22, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
Hey, I'm new. Simple is what I need. But, I also want something that works and looks good. This plugin is all of that. Thanks!