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byeldad, May 3, 2013
I needed to support RTL with a Rockettheme template, got a response and a full fix within the hour.

Access manager
I was really impressed from the options i've found inside, this is exactly what i need and even the cost for the pro version is fair, BUT, after installation i've discovered that i'd need to shut off any caching 'device' on my site(!), not just the cache plugin (which you should disable anyway, unless your site is super static), but also the global config site cache, and in my case my rockettheme template cache (gantry), and probably jreview's caching devices too.

It's a shame, cause this is a real diamond except for that issue.

I understand that it has to do with the fact the Access-Manager is computing the restriction as a top layer, but I'm guessing that you guys will be able to solve it in the future, and when you do, i'd be glad to purchase your pro version for any of my sites.

Best of luck, keep up the good work
Owner's reply

This issue is solved now. Althou not tested with each and every template out there. If your template has its own (non-Joomla) cache-system, after each change in right, empty the template's cache.

Multi Sites
Basically, this componant can bring you super close to creating a hosted store service like Shopify, using the front end engine to offer "install a site with your domain name" in a few clicks.

The advantage of such platform can be that it's Joomla based and enables to install further apps (w/ your moderation or without), and that's mean a much more stable and open platform to offer to developers, as far as offer them to disengage their site from the hosted service and keep on running their own website, by allowing them to import the DB and Source files to another hosting company, or simply get full access to their db and files on your cloud.

Just my thoughts and wanting to contribute something, best of luck

They have great support and customer service team, superb really