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byeldadius, December 29, 2009
There was only one thing preventing me from giving 5 stars' and it wouldn't matter to 95% of the people anyhow.
Well, the thing is, that the comment system does not support RTL languages. Normally I wouldn't even bother commenting about it, but since this addon is supposedly "multi language" I fealt I should write it to warn other people.
Luckily' it is really easy to convert the css file to RTL, took me 2 minuets or so. If anyone would like the RTL adjusted css file, contact me on: and I will be happy to give it.
I believe the developers could easily overcome this (and hopefully will in later versions) by either connecting to the site aligning definitions or by adding an option to the backend for selecting RTL.

Anyhow, like I said- a great add on, better than other commenting addons IMHO. If I will have the time I may do a complete translation, but it probobly won't be anytime soon :)
Owner's reply

Unfortunately, I do not know any of the RTL-languages, and therefore not entirely familiar with the situation. If you can advise me and explain that you need to add a component - I will make the necessary changes. Contact me at the forum and let's make the component even better!

byeldadius, December 26, 2009
AutoTweet NG
Worked on the fly for me, no hassle whatsoever, and I never even looked at tweeter before.

Greet work, and take no heed of people giving lousy grades before even giving you the benefit of answering their problems.

Keep up the good work!