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byelectioneering, September 17, 2012
I have a blog where I publish academic articles. As you might imagine, I need to create footnotes. Well, with this extension I solved the hassle of creating footnotes in HTML. Instead I use tooltips, and they not only work nicely, but it makes it much easier for the reader to read the footnote content. You can add links and basically any HTML code inside the tooltip too.

Great extension.
byelectioneering, September 17, 2012
DB Replacer
Very simple: probably this is not the kind of extension you'll be using everyday, but when you need it is extremely useful to have it installed.

I had several posts where I needed to make a change. Using the built-in search and replace functionality I could change several lines of code in more than 70 articles in less than 5 minutes.

What else can I say. It works beautifully, and it's extremely easy to use.

Wonderful extension!
byelectioneering, September 17, 2012
NoNumber Extension Manager
This extension is excellent. Given how useful NoNumber extensions are, this is a very welcome addition. You can install, update and remove NoNumber extensions right from inside this component. It just works.

Install it, you won't regret!
byelectioneering, September 17, 2012
Content Templater
Almost all extensions by NoNumber are a must for any website, and this extension is no exception.

I work with other people and this extension makes it extremely easy to create templates that anyone can use. It works not only on articles, but also on categories, modules, or wherever you can add content.

If you find yourself using the same pieces of code once and again, then this extension is a must. It boosts productivity and makes it very easy for less experienced people to get started.

Support is also great, even if you are using a free version of the extension, or any NoNumber extension for that matter.

Thanks to Peter for developing such great extensions!
byelectioneering, June 24, 2011
RAXO All-mode PRO
I have to say this module saved my life. I was using another module (a free one) and it was giving me so many troubles. I wasted hours and hours trying to customize it.

When I started working with Raxo it was just so, so easy to get the result I wanted! However, I had a problem, I contacted support and in 5 mins. I had the solution in my inbox.

It is very, very easy to customize both the CSS and the templates. Highly recommended!
byelectioneering, May 14, 2011
I have to say that this extension is extremely good. First of all it is very well coded. If you have some experience using CSS, HTML and other languages you can profit very much of this extension. Myself, just having enough CSS and HTML knowledge I figured I can do almost whatever I want with it, achieve de look and feel I need; and if there is something you don't know, just send a support request and within minutes -not hours or days!- you will receive support.

Even before buying the extension I received superb support and -since I was a beta tester- I was encouraged to first try the beta before buying.

So far I really don't see any cons. It was depends on how much experience you have at coding. But for those who do not need to perform high levels of customizations this extension fits perfectly out-of-the-box. It has several ways to present the information and it's ridiculous how easy it is to use!

This extension is developed with website builders and final users in mind.

I have quite a lot of experience using Joomla! and EventList for displaying events, which is also a good component, but this is superior. It's just so easy to customize!

Of course there will people who need some features that are not implemented quite yet, but you must keep in mind that (at the time I'm writing this) the extension is just in v.1.0 and it's already very good.

Looking forward to see what this extension will become in future versions! Developers listen their customers, that I could see during the beta period. That is and will be key for the success of this extension.

And btw, it is Joomla! 1.5 and 1.6 compatible out-of-the-box and in one installation package.
byelectioneering, October 10, 2010
Art Sexy Lightbox Lite
I just want to thank the support team, I had a problem with the plugin and, even though this is the free version, they helped me very quickly to solve my problem.

The plugin is awesome too, it has so many options and it works perfectly. 100% recommended.
byelectioneering, May 21, 2010
KA Facebook Like and Share
Very good plugin, it works perfectly. The support is superb too.
byelectioneering, May 2, 2010
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Lof ArticlesSlideShow
Very works like a charm! And also it is the one that has the best look..

Thank you very much for sharing this for free!