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byeli, December 11, 2010
Virtue Affiliate
First I was really confused from the former review, but since there was only a few software in the market offering affiliate for virtuemart, I had to research each and every one very carefully!

1- This software gives best value for the price with decent versatility.
2- Support via forum is prompt, opening a ticket is easy enough and gets the support staff right on it until its fixed.
3- Open minded support, noting suggestions for improvements, working with all their minds to make me a satisfy costumer.
4- The software WORKS - its easy for both the administrator and the affiliate.
5- I love the reports.

As for me, when I am applying a new component to my working webshop - there are two main three factors that play most part: i. usability ii. support iii. price and value.
Beesto team provides best of three, and adds further development for future extension.

Thank you,
HolyLand Gateway
byeli, February 3, 2009
I was looking for a "semi-outlook/exchange" task manager for an organization, and I must say, this system very much answers the basic needs of small organizations.

Few minor changes will be very much welcomed:
1- ability to add custom color for new projects (why limit when we can un-limit)
2- I am using the option "Hides the joomla template in the frontend in order to gain more space." There are two problems though: a- there is no "back to website" option. b- more importantly there is no "log off" option!

Thank you so much for this solution.
byeli, January 29, 2009
Highlighter GK4
Great - Simple to install and operate, and a sweeeeeet eye candy!

* Ability to display more than one line of news at a time - with a fading effect on upper and lower lines.

Thank you for the excellent work!
Phoca Gallery
I tried many Gallery mods and tried to find the best and simplest one...

When I first approached Phoca Gallery and I saw all the add-ons available, I thought that this might be complicated or too much for my needs.

Well I was wrong:
Documentation & FAQ are Excellent
Installation is a Breeze
Customization is very clear and straightforward
Usage, usability & functions are simply magnificent.

& its free!!!!!

Thank you for the dedicated work.