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byeliasan99, September 11, 2013
I was searching for a classified ads solution. I was focusing on paid solutions because I believe that are more professional.

First I bought a very well known and rather old component. I was dissapointed. It was not ready to go pro.

Then I bought DJ-Classifieds.

I believe that is a great component/solution.

It is working out of the box and makes everything look simple. That is because of the great work and thinking of developers.

Also the documentation is very good and updated with the component's current version. That is very important and something that you expect from a paid solution.

You can use the FAQ section and get answers for the most common questions you will have.

I haven't yet tested support... because there was no need for that!

The price is fair for all the goodies you get.

Thank you for this great solution.
byeliasan99, August 24, 2013
Perfect Facebook Like Box Sidebar
Installed without problems. Works without problems. Does the work in an elegant, effective and perfect way.
Who wants more?
Thank you for this excellent module!
byeliasan99, July 15, 2013
Filter and Search for K2
This extension makes K2 even better. It is easy to use, fast and effective. It can help you convert a simple K2 to a useful catalog.
In my site, I had a conflict problem with RokBox system plugin, but Andrey (great support), helped me discover it.
byeliasan99, May 25, 2013
I am using this plugin in K2's items category view to make all items have the same height.
Thank you! It is a life saver.
byeliasan99, May 25, 2013
We had a serious problem with spam posts and spam logins in our Kunen forum.

This extension is the only one that gave us a solution.

It really stoped spammers being able to login and post messages.

Thank you!!!