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byeljota, September 26, 2012
Content Statistics Extended - Activity logs
I already used Content Statistics in my site for graphic reports but I recently found out this new extension for it which is just great. you can now not only have a summary of what is happening (you know, "count" rows), but also see, line by line, what users are doing. specially useful to see when user log in and what they do. very recommended for admin analytics. excellent customer service too, as usual.
This is not the first extension I use from these developers and probably won't be the last. I discovered it because it's actually the one they use to create invoice for the other extensions. Very easy for managing invoices and specially good for creating contacts and QUICKLY creating invoice for them. very customizable thanks to templates, and specially useful the "template items" thing if you have very repetitive tasks (like us) where you have to create the same invoice over and over. also good for us European users with the EU VAT ID facility column and all... all good things.
byeljota, May 3, 2012
Content Statistics for DOCman
great reports for DOCman downloads or document views. great extension to know what people downloads in your site, you can have very accurate reports on each document. amazing graphics. the best of its kind, no doubt.
byeljota, November 3, 2011
Content Statistics for Mosets Tree
A real asset for Mosets Tree. Adds really interesting data to the site. Very recommended.
byeljota, August 31, 2011
Content Statistics for K2
the extension I use the most for Statistics. this is the one with more config options and filters. fantastic developer support.
byeljota, April 25, 2011
Content Statistics
this is great, works out of the box. You don't have to worry about configuring anything. It just works. Thanks!

Great versatility, and besides k2, it also works for kunena, and it seems to be ready for others. it's just better than what i expected.

if you need statisitics or to rank stuff in your joomla page, dont doubt. amazing value at cheap price!
byeljota, April 2, 2009
Music Collection
This saved my life! Just what I was looking for. It saved me weeks of work!!

I signed up just to say that this application ROCKS!