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byeloisegeld, November 14, 2011
EZ Realty
I don't normally submit reviews, particularly if I have to register to do so! But I had to submit my review for EZ Realty because I have been hugely impressed, not only with the extension, but with the outstanding support from the developer! Absolutely commendable!

The extension does everything that I needed it to do - I am using it for an FSBO site - currently the extension does not support paid listings, but that feature I believe is coming soon, and currently suits all of my needs!

There are a number of fantastic modules within this extension that really help to make any property listing site look amazing! If you have the right template (I had to adjust my template a couple of times to make it look right because EZ Realty takes on some of your template attributes), then you are A for AWAY!

I honestly cannot think of any cons to EZ Realty - it does what it says it does, its easy to use, easy to install, and if you're an absolute NOVICE to setting up a website, the support from Kathy is phenomenal! She really goes above and beyond, even giving support on a SUNDAY! I did not expect that, but got it anyway! Awesome!

I have NO experience in setting up websites, so if I can get a site up and running, with the help of the developer (I never waited more than a few hours for a response), I think anyone can do it!

Thank you Kathy!