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byelsie, September 14, 2011
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Phoca Gallery
Hi there!

Im NEW to Joomla. I have downloaded Phoca gallery and I am BATTLING to get it to display on Joomla. Im sure this is a great component, but not user-friendly for newbies! I know I still have a lot to learn, but more clear guidelines would be appreciated. The documentation was not helpfull at all.
Owner's reply

Hi, not sure if this is a fake review or not. If not and you are newbie as you wrote, try to follow these steps.

Instead of writing bad review which will not help you, try to:

- see Phoca Gallery documentation
- see Joomla! documentation (as Phoca Gallery uses all Joomla! features and mostly it inherits behaviour from Joomla!)
- if you still don't know, just ask in Phoca or Joomla! forum.

And in case you want to write bad review, please be either specific, because:

- developers cannot take your review seriously as there is no info what is actually wrong
- other users get confused, because somebody has written bad review on some component but didn't write what in fact is the reason for the bad review.

So such review is not helpful for you (you will not solve your not described problems), not for developer - I cannot enhance something because I don't know what, not for other users as such information is not useful for them as they really don't know why not use the component. :-(

If you think, the gallery is "not user-friendly for newbies", maybe you should recheck if you want to run Joomla! as Phoca Gallery follows all the Joomla! behaviour features (e.g. adding new category in Phoca Gallery is identical to adding new article in Joomla!, managing parameters is the same for both - Joomla! and Phoca Gallery because Joomla! Config component is used, etc.)