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byemandab1, May 31, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
The component is easy to configure and use. It is definitely more configurable and generally friendly than the built-in syndicator. While pretty much every Joomla component has an admin screen that similar to the View Articles screen built-in to Joomla, in this plugin it is particularly useful. While the feeds allow customization, all that is needed is a name and a section. The main admin screen contains the name as well as the URL for the feed. So, once you've created an URL, the admin screen is a reference every time you need to go back and copy a feed's URL. IMO, big win.

Would have gone for 5 stars if it had regexp or even keyword filtering on the articles.
Owner's reply

Hi emandab,

Thanks for the filtering suggestion, you know you can exclude particular articles if you like don't you?

We would love to know what you meant by "regexp or even keyword filtering"

e.g. leave out all articles with those keywords in the title? or in the metadata keywords? or the content itself?

If you would like this feature in feel free to suggest it via our forum or the feedback tab to the left hand side on our site at

byemandab1, February 13, 2009
I just can't rant enough about this extension. Instead of trying, I'll show some of my favorite uses. I have adopted the convention of using !!stuff!! as instead of the more Joomla-ish {stuff}. That way I don't need to worry about using a taken name or confusing any other code processes.

Some of my favorite uses:

1) Abbreviation: !!myco!! expands to "My Long Company Name". By convention !!MYCO!! expands to the same text with a link to my company.

2) Inline HTML: @@ expands to . I find them easy to remember because of their left/right position on the keyboard.

3) Put content in a side menu type in the Milkywhite theme: !!box2!!_Title_!!_CSS_Name_!!_Text_!!

_Title_ is the title for the box, the CSS name is incorporated into the CSS class & id of the box and the text is the contents of the box.

4) Create a button to link to an article:

Art_ID is the article id of the article.

The twitter box is a good example. I know there are several Twitter extensions but, rather than figuring out which one has the features I need, I just put 440 characters of html and ReReplacer macros into a mod_php module and then add the module as other modules.

(Note, that I have a 2nd mod_php with some gross JavaScript Twitter has on their site. It is in a 2nd mod_php as it downloads JS from Twitter and I don't want my page to hang should it be slow loading.)
Owner's reply

Yeah, that is what ReReplacer is for. To make your own little nifty plugin-ish thingies.

byemandab1, February 12, 2009
Tabs & Sliders
Just install it and type a few { tab=foo }, { tab=bar }, { /tabs } on your pages and it works. Download to working in under 10 minutes.

Since install I've probably reduced the number of articles by 20% so I can combine related content without huge pages or read-mores.

Goobs of CSS options. I guess if you are CSS-shy then this isn't as helpful. But the defaults are reasonable and you can add little changes over time. I started with the defaults, added some color on the selected tab to match the color of the topmenu in the Milkyway template. Etc...

And the price is tough to beat...