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byemanuelr, December 17, 2012
Simple Picture Slideshow
Thanks for a very simple and reliable extension!
Very flexible and easy to configure, once you read the online documentation.

I suggest that you'll add a downloadable version of the doc or add the explanation to the plugin description.
byemanuelr, June 18, 2012
I was first caught by the list of features.
Then, by the clean and well designed layout.
The free version is fully functional so I could test it completely.
There were some integration problems, but the team at Stackideas is there all the time (really. around the clock)to assist, personally. They dives into the site, deals with other extensions and provide unique solutions.
I never met such a professional and dedicated developers and all of that, before I even paid a cent! This is one of the cases I'm really happy to pay for an extension, though everything works right now, with the free version.

Practically: this is a very versatile, clean commenting systems, which is already integrated with the core joomla articles and with K2 items (way better than the core K2 commenting system). It seams that it is easy to develop the integration with other content extensions.
It works seamlessly in other languages, including RTL!
Don't hesitate. Go for it if commenting is an important feature of your site.
byemanuelr, November 15, 2010
Simple and almost does what it promises. Just logging in doesn't switch the homepage. After clicking the homepage menu item, everything is ok. But it is important the registered users will see their dedicated content right after logging in...
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It only changes the Home page menu redirection. Its not a redirect on Login plugin.