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byemcguire, January 26, 2010
This by far is the most powerful joomla extension out there... and its free to get started. even if you dont subscribe, the power that it gives you to turn a normal joomla site into a full fledged web application site is enormous.

if anyone gave this a bad review, it is becausa e they didn't get it or it was too big for them.

I made a hugely complex web app with a calendar visualization and a huge amount of data elements, and this extension handled it beautifully! it would have taken me months to code this project myself, where with Fabrik - I did it in days.. and better than I could have coded it.

Even if you need something very simple. you cant go wrong with this extension. It is on my MUST list for every site I manage. I have already turned others on to it and they are amazed.

The SNV nightly builds are great and support was awesome, I had one smal issue and within a few hours Rob had it fixed and uploaded to the SVN to update. just awesome.

Download it. You wont be sorry you did