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byemjay, July 1, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Please please tell me are you working at a 1.6 native version? Please do so! I miss this extension so much since I work with J1.6 it really should be part of Joomlas core as there's still no very good module managment in 1.6.

Excellent work! Waiting for 1.6. I'm gonna give you a big donation when you upgrade :-)
byemjay, June 14, 2011
This Extension is a must for all bloggers that need a comfortable and intuitive blogging-system with all features a blog can have: Trackbacks, Tags, facebook-like, twitter and much more (there could be a flattr-option as well - maybe in the future)
There are many Options in the backend to customize. And if there's anything that doesn't have an option, it's just as easy to customize the themes as it is to customize joomla article-views. There are many great modules that come with the component - just as featured articles-slider e.t.c.

After installing (J15) everything worked very fine - only the tag-feature didn't. So I contacted the support and they immediandly responsed to me (on a sunday petecust!) and worked on solving the issue. A great support like that is rare and great.

highly recommended as there is no comparative blog-system available for Joomla

PS: A future-request would be that one can add multiple blogs (for example different blogs for different languages and different categories and conent).
Also there could be more languages available or at least a backend-language-file-access as I couldn't find a german translation anywhere.
Owner's reply

Thank you! Flattr is something new and we're actually looking at their API :)

byemjay, May 15, 2011
The extension is good, and they use a complex template system, which should make it easy to customize. But that's the point why I give 4 stars only: Customization is limited to the comments layout itself (each Comment that is posted), but within the template system it's almost impossible to customize the whole rest. Me, for example, would have needed to add some Titles and some div's and classes for form lables where it was not possible in a easy way. Better to say: The template system is well meant but unnessesary if not complete, in my opinion.
I asked the support, where I could add a div to put the whole comments-block in one Container (for some reason), but they said they wouldn't give support in that case, because even for them it's quite a bit work to do such a "small" change to the extension. But the Support responded very quickly anyway.

All in all a good extension, I would recommend, but not for someone who want's to customize form-layouts, xhtml-structure and so on... A trial version without license would be a good thing.

byemjay, May 15, 2011
The extension didn't work at first but the Support helped me out very quickly and that's why I give 5 Stars anyway because the Support is the best I have experienced yet with a commercial joomla extension.