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I found this extension really usefull. I use it to create blog pages showing just one image per article and no text.
However I found two not-so-little problems:
there's no way to choose the preview image; it takes the first one. So if you don't want to show the first one or the first is, for exemple, a 16x16px icon the only thing to do is pick an hack and put an hidden image (via css display:none) in the beginning of the article -not so good-.
Second problem is that it's impossible to disable radless for a certain category/menù item. The only way is to select the articles id by id, and it is a really not-so-good thing.
I sent a mail whith these two points to the developer and received no answer.

To sum it up this is a really helpful extension, that does something joomla should do by default; but has some flaws that could make you uninstall it, and reading previous reviews I thougt the developer would have been more responsive.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your just review.

Tempus fugit, but reasons don't make for an excuse. I'm sorry for not being more responsive.

On the bright side, the just released v3.0 addresses the two major annoyances you report, and more. I hope you can give it a try, and that you find the improvements useful.