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byennerdesign, March 18, 2011
Booking Calendar
This is what I call a perfect service!
After having some issues with the translation these guys answered within minutes and after finding some bugs, they completelty coded a new component plus module and sent it to me. Now it works so perfect. Thanks a lot, now I can really recommend buying this.
byennerdesign, July 3, 2010
This is the first time I have to write a negativ review, but in this case I am so angry that it is necessary to warn other users.
On first sight everything seemed perfect, good looking and working after installing the example-data.
Suddenly I realized that this component nearly spoiled my whole site: No images were shown any more!
It took me over an hour to find out that this component had set the whole directory /images/stories from 755 to 750! Quite clear that no browser was able to show any images on my site!
Also the component is copying quite useless pics and car-manufactor-logos inside /images/stories!
This doesn´t make any sense.
Another issue is that the tabs (inside the component where you can switch from ads to users, etc.) are not showing properly in the front-end. Everything looks ruined. (Tried with 5 different browsers!)
Even from a free extension we should be allowed to expect a piece of software that is not spoiling the rest of a website.
Owner's reply

The component does not set the directory rights to 0750. In the PRO version, the user can set the file rights to whatever wanted. In the GPL version directory rights are always set to 0755. If a new user image directory is created, it is created with 0777 rights and directly after that the rights are chmodded to 0755.

If you install sample data, the car manufacturer logos are copied into the category images directory, which is usually images/stories.

byennerdesign, February 14, 2010
Edocs - Embed Documents
Thank you so much! I was looking quite a long time for a way to embed documents in such an easy way.
I installed and got it working in a few minutes. It looks good and it does what it should.
Thank you very much!