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It's important to tell it : this component offers a lot of usefull functionnalities for a lot of modules and components, i can give it 8/10. But sh404 has many problem with Virtuemart. The so-called bug in VM have never been taken into account with the aim of sh404 since more than 2 years, as told in the description, is supposed to provide a tool for SEO and SEF for virtuemart and other components. It is true that this component works well and offers many tools for security, manual rewritting, 301 redirect, social, etc. But it generates many problems of rewriting VM urls : So google can find several rewritten urls with different endings, which can considere more or less as a duplicate content.
Support sh404 Rather claim that it is to the customer to debug this problem in VM to see sh404 rewrites correctly?? Is it normal when you SELL the component to be VM compliant?
I contend that it is Sh404 to manage this problem with VM (joomla is a community or not?) to avoid this kind of problem to users, especially when it's a commercial component. There are bugs also when you move your site to https urls : the system has flaws that even a developer can not solve alone. So why display that is compatible with VirtueMart? Suffice to say the truth: sh404 did not take into account the constraints of the operating Virtuemart system to manage the re-writing urls.
For all the rest, this component is fine and perfect, but for those looking for a component to their online store with Virtuemart, it generates too much work and wasted time to properly manage your SEO.