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byentergoogle, March 25, 2011
This is the best of all share plug-ins i've used so far and is a must have.

It not only shares on multiple sites, but also keeps a global count of share which has been done which is quite impressive.

I am sure our author for this plugin is working to have this one for Joomla 1.6 as well.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the positive review and the kind words entergoogle! We have to praise AddThis though for making their great bookmarking script for us all. To be honest I've tried to make it work for J1.6, but I encountered several problems and I can't promise I will ever release a J1.6 compatible version.

byentergoogle, March 24, 2011
Phoca GAE
This is simply the best module to place your HTML code in execution mode on any place in your site.

Suggestion that can add more value:
The Module name should be changed from just adsense to any HTML code executor or even google adsense / cse module.
byentergoogle, March 24, 2011
googleSearch (CSE) component
I've used this tool over a good period of time and highly recommend it.
byentergoogle, March 13, 2011
The first thing it did was broke my site completely, I was unable to access either ways i.e. the default and or set key. I tried running the query specified by the author and God knows what went wrong after the query, the site is totally not responding.

Thank God I have a full backup, which i'll restore very quickly.

My review is out of my experience, my sincere apologies to author if this hurts.
Owner's reply

I wish you would have contacted me. What you describe is not possible from this extension. It can only run in administrator, not the front end. I suspect that you have other issues.

byentergoogle, November 2, 2010
Perfect tool to have a great menu!

Excellent work and a great share.
Thank You
byentergoogle, August 27, 2010
This is an awesome plugin, I've used this earlier and had a great experience.

Thanks for making our life easy.

byentergoogle, August 26, 2010
Marco's SQL Injection
Honestly, I was attacked for more than 3 times as of now. I've just found this plugin and installed it as a remedy, I hope this helps me tighten a bit of security towards the attack.

Thanks for a nice share. May God Bless You with the Best!
byentergoogle, June 24, 2010
ITP Google Search
Whats the major difference?

This looks more like Bonko Search, if there is any difference, please mention
byentergoogle, June 16, 2010
My Favorite Pages
Great share, does the job pretty nicely.

Wish there would be a possibility of having a favorite button added on each article that would add the favorites in a separate page that can be managed by users later just like the Joomla extensions area. I am sure the author will consider this factor and make the life of Joomla users easy.
byentergoogle, April 8, 2010
I just can't be unfair while rating this tool, however i've not been successful to implement it. it seems to just sit there and keep crawling. Is it because my site is very large, it host 21368 links as of now.

May be i am having hard luck :(
byentergoogle, March 24, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
This is simply great module. something i always imagined of. You simply made it so well, it took not more than 30 minutes to implement it.

1. Create your images and place them in the instructed folder
2. Make minor changes to the xml by copying it in a notepad or let this happen automatically
3. Set the Module to enable and position it
4. See it live... Woooo very simple and perfectly guided.

Great Work Brother...

Syed H
byentergoogle, May 24, 2009
PixSearch Ajax Search
This is an excellent addition to Joomla Community. Works awesome.

I wish we could have results similar to "Google Suggest" where the number of results is also displayed.

I Hope this will be added in the new release.
byentergoogle, May 15, 2009
Core Design Scriptegrator
The best of the bests. Great Work.

Does it slows the site by any chance, as i was experiencing some performance issues since installed.
byentergoogle, April 26, 2009
Vinaora Visitors Counter
Great tool, simple to install and use.
byentergoogle, April 26, 2009
BIGSHOT Google Analytics
Does exactly what it says, Brilliant Work

byentergoogle, January 21, 2009
Its a Great Plugin. Awesome work. If you would like to open all your articles in a modal window, this is the best tool i've come across.
Owner's reply

Thanks. Off course, you can use it for more than just articles...

byentergoogle, January 18, 2009
Global News
A Wonderful Module and does exactly what it says.
A Great Share!!
byentergoogle, January 13, 2009
Accordian FrontPage Core
This is an Awesome Tool, Works perfect and does as it says. Greatly appreciate the work. Thanks for a wonderful share.
byentergoogle, January 11, 2009
Core Design Login
This one is a very great Module.
I simply Love it. Thanks for making our lifes easy. Its Simply superb.
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