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byeorisis, February 25, 2010
Nice Social Bookmark
Works prefect, and on every page. Exactly what I was looking for (for VirtueMart), it doesn't need other services to go through (like addthis does), and this is perfect.

Only thing I would love to see, is many services to choose from, and changeable order please. This would make the module far ahead.

cheers, congrats
byeorisis, February 24, 2010
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Very disappointed because I really wanted something like this. I am very sad mostly cause I see everyone here giving 5stars. This means it works.

My site works perfect and every component I install works fine. I tested the component and module on 2 different Joomla 1.5.15 installations on my host (including my site in production) and nothing works. I mean I see the rss image and links etc, but entering the feeds are random order, and changing settings from the component has 0% effect. Adding an article it to exclude doesn't hide the article etc. I am on it for more than 5 hours even changed php.ini

Just waiting for a new version to make it work. Dunno what goes wrong. :(

Owner's reply

Hi eorisis,

The component is working fine on thousands of sites, so there is obviously something going on with your site that is throwing it off.

If you had posted this on our support forum instead we might have been able to help you get it working and saved you the 5 hours.

tip: Changing settings won't change things if you haven't removed the cache file because it is cached. We will be adding an option to clean the cache in the next version.