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JComments is a good extension though it has some minor css problems in IE8 - I am not sure if the problem lies within the template or not but I have tried three from rocket theme and the problem remained.

The captcha images with the letters are to difficult to read and I have not found any tutorial how to for example force it to have only number or capital letters. Maybe someone knows where to find this.

Owner's reply

You can change the character set used in the CAPTCHA in the configuration file (/components/com_jcomments/libraries/kcaptcha/kcaptcha_config.php). But it will reduce the resistance of CAPTCHA image to OCR.

byeos5, March 10, 2010
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The module is great though I see some space for development. It would be good to have a visibility option. I want to make it a little bit transparent (0.9). Where should I enter the right code for it manualy? Please advise.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the Review. Please open a thread on our support forum where we can discuss your requested feature in more detail. There are Pros and Cons to be highlighted with regard to implementation of opacity across browsers etc ...