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byeradio, March 21, 2014
ST Content Showcase
Great module, the instructions were a little lacking but the support was available and helpful...
byeradio, August 7, 2013
AJAX Dock Cart for VirtueMart
Very nice and clean...easy to use and configure look and feel...Highly recommend!!
byeradio, August 7, 2013
Improved AJAX Login & Register
What a great product...worked right out of the box and the social integration was a breeze even for an amateur...Highly recommend it!!
byeradio, July 8, 2010
MP3 Browser
Very Nice! Installed and customized to site CSS in under 10 minutes.
byeradio, March 29, 2010
Jock Rotator
Thanks for sharing....Pretty straight forward...useful little module if you need time based rotation.
byeradio, October 16, 2009
Finally a form component that works and is easy to configure, style and just plain works..
Well done!
byeradio, May 14, 2009
OSE Membership™
I was in search of a permissions module to do something very specific with another 3rd party Module and Helix went way above and beyond for the amount of money we agreed upon. He saved my a$$!! :-) If you have a need for his tools, do not hesitate to use him.
It's developers like this that make Joomla a wonderful tool!
byeradio, April 18, 2009
Reports for VirtueMart
This is a great add on to any VM store. Quick and Easy. They also have a nice other tool at their site for deeper sales analysis and metrics. Support was way above expected. Use this tool!
byeradio, July 31, 2008
JSN ImageShow PRO
There are better tools that are free. You can only have one general link for all the images, even in the pro version. Weak... Keep will find a better tool.