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byerasmosis, November 3, 2009
I am so excited to use this very powerful and useful extension. Once i figure out how the thing works, Im nearly certain it will really blow me and anyone who uses my site away.

But for now, it sits useless on my site, doing next to nothing.
Ive been at it for about a month so far, and I still cant figure out how to use it.

Their documentation database has 4 items in it, and they have been saying video tutorials are on the way for a few months now, but still nothin.

I tried to sift through the forums but couldnt really find the answers to my questions, or an overview on how to use it. The people there seemed to be helpful, but unfriendly.

I want to say that this extension really looks excellent. I cant wait to use it. It really seems like it will do exactly what my website is lacking, and I am holding my breath waiting for some sort of tutorial or overview, but until then I wouldnt install it until the documentation is there, if not, Good luck trying to figure it out.
Owner's reply

Documentation for K2 is on its way now that we're at the 2.x stable branch.

I would really suggest you experiment/try as it is not a difficult component to get around with. If you've used Joomla! articles before, you will soon find your way around K2 and actually discover that many things are done better and faster (aside the richer features)...

byerasmosis, January 25, 2009
Really this is one of my favorite extensions there is. Only drawbacks - Their website is perpetually down. The adsmanager section of my site is broken and support is not forthcoming. However, had I not broken it... This extension solved my problems and did more than i had hoped it would
Owner's reply

Sorry about my server, I really don't know why I got so many troubles with it ! I am trying to improve that :)