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RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart
RuposTel OPC + FedEx Multibox is the perfect combo for VM2 cart.

Stan (OPC) and Alan over at FedEx MultiBox have integrated these perfectly. OPC is great with MANY features, and now when used with FedEx Multibox checkout is a breeze and shipping charges are TO THE PENNY - thanks guys
FedEx Multibox Shipping for VM
1) Works perfectly on my J2.5 and VM 2 site and also is compatible with VM OPC (one page checkout) as far as I can tell

2) Actually sends dimensions + weight properly, and has nice options for specific or global handling fees, and also to pass off discounts to customer (or not to). Neither of which JC FedEx had (and JC FedEx was more expensive)

3) Excellent support and good documentation. I asked a couple questions and they got right back to me and sent me to some documentation on the website I overlooked

5 big stars. Yahtzee!