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The LanternFish
If you've ever needed to manage a large Joomla site with a lot of multi-lingual content, you'll recognize the importance of a structured system for managing the translated content. Other multi-language facilities don't provide the structure of Joomfish but development on the project was recently halted.

Lanternfish takes up the challenge of supporting Joomfish and provides some essential fixes like editing articles from the front-end in languages other than the default. After banging my head against the wall thinking it was me that had created the problem, Lanternfish had already magically fixed the problem.

Lanternfish provides essential functionality and support for anyone continuing to use Joomfish. Sure it costs a bit but if you're running a multi-lingual production site, it's a small price to pay for a system that works.
byerichf, January 5, 2011
All I wanted was an easy way for people to subscribe to my mailchimp managed mailing list. Allchimp gives me exactly what I wanted - a module that provides a box for users to enter their e-mail address to subscribe or un-subscribe and a confirmation e-mail before the subscription is complete.

Quick to install. Easy for customers to use. That's what I wanted.
Owner's reply

Hi erichf,

Thank you for your awesome review.

AllChimpRegister was designed from the get go with simplicity and ease of use in mind.