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byerichhaubrich, April 9, 2013
Monials Fader
This module needs more development before it's ready to be used on most websites. It's buggy, has some pretty bad CSS, does not allow you to apply a module class suffix and in many cases replaces the information you enter in various fields with default/demo information. I uninstalled it because I don't have time to fix all of the quirks and it doesn't work right out of the box.

The developer seems very capable, but he's still got work to do on this one.
byerichhaubrich, March 14, 2010
This app is a freebie, but it's worth a lot! I was looking for a solution that would log a user in automatically after submitting a custom registration form that I made with Breezing Forms.

I found this, installed it, changed 1 line of code in my form and BINGO!! The user was automaticlly logged in.

Also works for sending links to you users, just append the link with &user=theusername&passw=thepassword. You can also use the encrypted version of the password from jos_users.

Special thanks to the developer for being awesome!!
This is such a robust and powerful form solution that it makes me want to build every site on Joomla just so I can use the functionality that Breezing Forms has.

This brings forms to a whole new level. You can create custom registration and login, upload and manage files, write to multiple tables in the database. Easy standalone Captcha support, Paypal Support, Interaction with com_user for registration, multiple design modes, creation of admin forms, and on and on.

This is the Killer App for anything having to do with forms. It's also dirt cheap and has great support.

Big thanks to the developer for being a visionary when it comes to Joomla Extension Development.

Get this extension for every site you build, you will look like a programming GOD to your clients and save time in the process.
byerichhaubrich, August 17, 2009
After spending lots and lots of time searching for a way to make my site a viable pay site I finally found vHTaccess. It is a breeze to install and works perfectly. The price is very reasonable, especially considering the value of the plugins, the ease of use and the AMAZING support. I will use this on EVERY pay site I build from now on!

Also: I got INSTANT support when I had questions or problems. They walked me through every part of the process and didn't stop until it was up and running and tested.

I use CCBill as my merchant processor and vHTaccess offers a very clean and convenient 1-click payment solution. I tried a few other plugins and components and got really frustrated and confused, plus due to the type of content we host many payment processors will not work with us. The combination of CCBill and vHTaccess is a huge winner. I'm up and running and receiving payments!!

Here's my one complaint: I wish I had found this plugin before I messed around with the other ones!!
byerichhaubrich, January 16, 2009
This is a lifesaver if you have to use HTML PHP or Javascript or just want to make your own module to do something specific and Joomla's Custom HMTL module won't play ball. GOOD WORK!!