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Image Swoop
I'm using this in a templatemonster template so it is very simple to setup and you don't have to do any CSS tweaking. Not sure how well it works in another template though in terms of style tweaking.

Make sure your images are exactly the same dimension as required by the module otherwise you will see a noticeable degradation in quality from them being resized, presumably by PHP/GD's default jpg compression setting on your server installation. Alternatively you can increase this setting using a PHP directive in an appropriate place in the code.
byerickaps, July 25, 2013
Admin Tools Professional
This is a 5* extension from a 5* developer.

Functionality, documentation and support are all first class, say no more!
byerickaps, August 2, 2011
An all round good extension, with good documentation, takes a little while to understand the many useful settings in configuration, making it pretty flexible.

Support by the developer is fantastic, very friendly and useful.

Would be nice to have a simple module in addition to the component, which displays a single movie.
Owner's reply


Thanks for the review. There is a module for displaying single movies... Look for XMovie Movie module.

byerickaps, August 2, 2011
Whilst this is a good extension, I have submitted 3 enquiries via their online Support Request submission form. The first 2 took them a over a week to respond to and the 3rd, I'm still awaiting a reply from 3 weeks ago. Therefore only 'Average' for me.
Owner's reply

Hi Eric,

I think we should stay with the facts:

*1* You sent two tickets, not three.


*2* The first ticket has been submitted on June 3rd, 2011.

At this time we reorganized the support and made clear - on support ticket submit - that there will be delays.

The reorganization is now complete.

It was also a general before purchase "license" question and not a support question. These questions we answered later than the regular support questions. I think it is understandable that customers who paid already come first.


*3* The 2nd ticket has been submitted on friday July 8th, 2011 and got answered 1.5 business days later. This is absolutely ok.


byerickaps, March 16, 2011
Include Component
I have used this component for some time now on a site to include the Qcontacts component on an article page. I have just upgraded the plugin from an older version and had a problem, which the developer has immediately resolved.

Great support, simple component to setup and use.

This component can be used by novices. I've been using Joomla! for 5 years.
byerickaps, September 30, 2010
I've been using this extension for a few years now on some sites and have been very happy paying the very reasonable annual license fee (unlimited domains) because there is now very active support and development since the move to Anything Digital.

Today I had a couple of problems (turned out not with sh404SEF), which they helped resolve very quickly - thanks to jimie and shushima.

The extension also includes some worthwhile security features and for some extensions e.g. Virtuemart, is essential because Joomla!s SEF doesn't handle them well.

I've had a brief look at the new Google Analytics functionality, which could be very useful but I won't be using it until they have a secure solution for storing and reading the GA authentication. They do say that you should just create a new GA account for each domain if you don't want your username/password compromised but this is a work-around that requires a change to our business processes.

Very good extension.
Owner's reply


thanks for your kind review. A note on the Analytics password. I'm sorry if our wording makes you think there is any security flaw there. There is not, and a change in storage method is not researched nor needed. Your credentials are stored in a file on your server, just like Joomla stores your mysql password or your smtp email password. This is very secure and does not cause any issue.
Our advice was more a no-nonsense kind of remark, whereby we advice to not use the same password on each and every email account or website credentials you use, so as to avoid having all your accounts compromised if only one of them is uncovered

Best regards

byerickaps, March 17, 2010
I wanted an extension which would display a directory of PDF files on my site. There are a few very good file management extensions but nothing as easy and simple as this to setup and use.

It would be nice to have control over displaying title and column headings in the plugin parameters.

byerickaps, October 6, 2009
Simple Picture Slideshow
It's simple to use, has all the configuration options I needed, can be styled if you know CSS and works across the main browsers.

Well done and thank you!