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byerik2055, May 20, 2009
Ignite Gallery
This is a very versatile gallery and might be very useful to many, but I do not think it is of any practical use to artists that want to present their work on a site.
There is a sliding bar of thumbnails underneath the original picture. All these thumbnails are square, no matter the aspect ratio of the original picture. No artist would want to see a stretched thumbnail, is my guess... well more than a guess: my customer did not like it very much.So my dollars went down the drain.
The developer was not sensitive to my criticism: "my gallery has square thumbs" was the final remark.
Well, I do not think the thumbs should be part of the artistic lay-out of a page. Thumbs are function, not form. Changing the aspect ratio is unforgivable from an designers standpoint.
Also I had quite some diffculty in figuring out how to set things up. Doc is limited.
The gallery is very nice, if you have no problem with the afore mentioned issues, however.
Owner's reply

If you want to change the width and height of the thumbs, you simply enter the thumb width and thumb height in the gallery options.

The gallery does not stretch any pictures, it does crop the thumbnails a little bit if the original picture has a different ratio to the thumb width and thumb height.

I can not find any of my sent emails that say "my gallery has square thumbs", and I think this review says a lot more about the users ability to change the most basic settings, rather than the features of the gallery.

byerik2055, February 7, 2007
The translation does not work. It's incomplete.
Also the 'latest events' part does not translate.
The file dutch.php has minor but annoying errors.
The code looks messy: date format strings belong in the translation files, in my opinion...