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byerikbauer, December 4, 2011
Virtue Affiliate
After looking around for an affiliate solution, I've decided to go ahead and purchase VAffiliate for a client's website. Mainly because it was cheaper than other solutions, and seemed to do what I needed.

However, once I installed it and messed around with it, I started to find many things I don't like.

The claim that it supports multi-level marketing is bogus. You have to manually link the affiliates from the backend. That's of absolutely no use, since I can't know who referrer who in the first place.

That, together with SEF issues and other bugs and quirks made me pull the plug on this extension.

I'm sorry to write this review, as I really thought this was good at first, but it has too many flaws. The whole system is thought out mainly from a programmer's view, and not properly tested in a real-world, business environment.

I now have to waste some more time and money to find a suitable solution.
Owner's reply


This should be a review regarding Virtue Affiliate functionality not something about "many things I don't like", as you stated above. For example, you must tell us here if some search function works properly not that you don't like the search box is not aligned to the left or to the right.

The way multi-level system was built is based on a survey which was attended by several hundred people not only "programmer's view".

There are many things I can say but I will end here, mainly from a huge doubt that you are one of our customers. I'm about 99,99% that you are nothing else than a new arrow thrown here from our competitors side. You are adviced to learn how you can play fair without using methods like that.

I will be more than happy if you can prove I'm wrong. Nothing can stop you to identify yourself as one of our customers.

Best Regards,
Popa S. Alexandru

byerikbauer, November 30, 2011
This is a powerful e-commerce extension!

As one of the reviewers below said, VirtueMart pales in comparison with any other attempt at a complete e-commerce extension for Joomla!.

Thanks to it I make a living!

Thank you, VirtueMart team!