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byerixis, January 15, 2013
RegReminder Lite
This rates as one of the best admin tools in the extensions directory. Now when a user emails to complain about something that isn't working for them, I can experience it from their perspective. Awesome!
byerixis, March 27, 2011
Clean Response
This plug in works just as advertised. I had an issue with it conflicting with another plug in I was using and the developer responded to my query immediately and even sent over upgraded plug in versions for me, with in a 12 hour period. Highly recommend Michael and his products.
byerixis, December 2, 2010
Akeeba Backup
You shouldn't even THINK about installing a Joomla! instance with out using this product! I've just subscribed to the pro subscription because ITS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!

What's more, Nicholas and his crew release updates to this product constantly, and they were smart enough to make the product intelligent and capable of letting you know when an upgrade is available! Every time I use it, it improves. These guys rock!
byerixis, November 11, 2010
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I wanted to ask a question about this product before I purchased. I used the site to post the question, and before I could switch tabs to my mail account, they had responded. I purchased this and implemented it on my Jooml! site in 5 minutes, then configured it to my likings in another 5 minutes.

Excellent product.

Would love to see an option in the parameters that allows for an accordion close on mouse out, or after a set time, but otherwise this is a perfect product!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the good words. We will try to implement the suggested feature in the next version.

byerixis, October 13, 2010
Admin Tools
This component, and this developer are some of the best the Joomla! community have to offer! This component works wonders, and the best part is that the developer keeps improving it! Very good support and great work on the product. I've installed this on every one of my Joomla! sites, along with the Akeeba Back up System to keep my sites up to date, online and secure. Thanks Nicholas!
byerixis, August 24, 2010
Smart Flash Header
I've downloaded and used all of the ProJoom extensions, but I have to say this one is the one I keep coming back to! They all have their specific uses but this one has the most flexibility and is super easy to install and configure. If you need an image rotator or slide show for your site, this one is worth it, even at twice the price. And the guys at ProJoom have great support too. They'll help with just about any question you have.
Can't give this one enough stars!
this plug in does exactly what it says it would do. Simple clean install, only two files in the pkg, and simple and obvious configuration. I had one question for the developer, and had my question answered in less than 12 hours.

I recommend this plugin and I'll be using it on all my sites!
byerixis, August 1, 2007
DPCalendar Lite
I don't know if this a problem with this component / module or a problem with google calendars. Both of these installed well, and I've used them in multiple joomla installs, but the problem I have is that the times reported for events vary widely depending on a) if I'm currently logged into my google account or not b) If I'm looking at the upcoming events module or the calendar module.

I've posted to the google calendar forum, but gotten no response. Hope this is something that can work out as I really like this module and component.
Owner's reply

you can specify a timezone for your calendar in the google calendar settings. and you can specify a timezone for your google account, perpahs is the problem there .........