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I like the plug-in for new registrations, but I wish it would also protect the user from changing their email address to one those that restricted after then register with one that is accepted.
byerok210, September 27, 2014
AcyMailing Starter
1. Support in their forums is great!
2. This is everything you need to generate newsletters, and more.
3. We bought Enterprise and plan to renew our license every year!

byerok210, December 12, 2013
Would recommend that make this core to Joomla! Support was great too. We made a donation.
byerok210, December 12, 2013
Did exactly what we needed! Thank you for making this plug-in. Support is great too! We made a donation.
byerok210, April 10, 2013
Note only is this a great module, all of Joompad's products work great. Also, the support from developer is fantastic. I requested a modification for our special purposes and they enhanced the mod in just a few days. Great support!
byerok210, April 22, 2011
Blank Module
Echoing the rest the of the users here. I spent hours trying to embed "ShareThis" code into my site. This module made it happen in seconds.
byerok210, September 22, 2009
I just launched my first Joomla site and needed to create 3 forms for my client. I have some programming knowledge, but didn't have the time to learn the insides and out of Joomla. I purchased BreezingForms, which made the whole process a simple. Deciding which mode to use to create the form took a little time to get used to, but the Forums and especially the team at CrossTech really helped me. This is a must buy if you need to create forms no matter what level of expertise you have.