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byeropuitinbrabant, August 24, 2012
as long as it works, it's a fine module. But to be honest, I'm getting tired of looking through the forums to find solutions to get it working again when it's out of order again. Getting 'invalid location' errors all the time.
Owner's reply

The issue with RokWeather pertained to the Google API and its gradual removal from Google's data servers. RokWeather now uses Yahoo and Wunderground, so please download an update to get the module working again:

byeropuitinbrabant, March 27, 2012
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Qlue Broken Link Checker
First of all: it says commercial, but on their site they suggest they also offer a free version, which turns out not to be the case. There is a currency converter to show how much the component costs in your currency, but it shows a much too low price, which is misleading.

Once you've paid, you don't automatically get a download link and it takes time and effort to get your download. After that, the support didn't answer my mails untill I started threatening.

As far as functionality is concerned, I was most disappointed. When you work with SEF url's it's of no use to you as with cannonical links. It only detects dead links in your menustructure but no dead external links. I use Eventlist, but it doesn't check on any link in any event, even with all parameters turned on. When you see the possibilities to set parameters in their video, you think it can do anything, but when you test it irl on your site, it's really disappointing. Look for 'free broken link checker' in any search engine and you will be much more happy and moreover it's for free.

This is the first component in 2 years that I'm really dissatiesfied with and for which I demanded my money back.
Owner's reply

This review is inaccurate and was deliberately written after we refused to react to blackmail.

To simply suggest it does not work disagrees with the vast majority of users working with it, including the majority of those that have reviewed it. It works exactly as is shown in the video. There is no suggestion anywhere that there is a free version (hence the word 'Commercial').

This user bought in haste without seeing whether it was the right product for his needs then demanded a refund on this basis. When we did not oblige, as per our terms and conditions of sale, he was appallingly abusive and threatening.

byeropuitinbrabant, December 9, 2011
Jcomment offers everything you want and the support is very good. What else can I say?
byeropuitinbrabant, October 20, 2011
I've been using sh404sef for over 6 month now and it's safe to say that this module is potentially dangerous because it can cause your complete website to go offline because of parse errors. Only if you are familiar with the programm it's safe to use. When you need support it's there, but not to my satisfaction at all. The answers are brief and you can only ask things via the forum, where basically only one or two people are active in answering questions. I would not buy it again. Simply too complicated and dangerous.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. However, we are not aware of any such parsing error that you are talking about. I just searched the forum for parse or parsing again, and didn't find anything.
I also talked to the support staff, and again we didn't find anything like this. Please contact me directly if you have anything to back this up or can provide data.

As for how support works, I think many people find it quick and efficient, please see reviews below.


byeropuitinbrabant, October 20, 2011
after installing this component I thought "easy as pie", click 'start' and that's it. But it made my complete website crash. No FTP, No Email, no WWW, nothing.

Now, hours later I'm still hoping that my provider can fix this for me as there is nothing I can do myself from here.

NO component should be able to have such drastic consequences for a website, so that's clearly 'very poor'.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review.

If you choose too many parallel connections the webserver can be overloaded/going down.

But JCrawler does not delete/change/add any files (except of the sitemap.xml)/MySQL data or E-Mails. It just reads every page of your Website and looks for links. Afterwards it writes the links into an file. That's it.

Actually i'm developing JCrawler 2.0, maybe you can get in touch in our forum to resolve your issues.

Thanks, Patrick

byeropuitinbrabant, August 11, 2011
JP Slick Slideshow
I rate this extension 5 stars because it's simply the best you can get and them guys are really doing their utmost. They say a picture is worth a thousand words; JP Slick Slideshow is worth a million words!

keep working on optimizing the user friendliness though, especially with the KenBurns effect.