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byescuela, December 29, 2008
I am amazed by some reviews that were completely misguided and dangerously can lead users to have misperception about Virtuemart. For example when I read a review that said she had installed VM on several sites for several weeks and what she got was a blank site both frontend and backend. When I contemplated this review, I asked to myself how could this extension ever exist for so long (even before Joomla was born) if all I got was a blank site in the first place. Completely doesn't make any sense to me.

Another example would be a review that said why the backend interface is much more nice than the frontend. My best guess would be because there are thousands of great looking templates for the frontend whilst none for the backend. Although in my opinion, nothing special on the backend admin interface, it's just the same like Joomla's and others' extensions. I have no idea what made him said so.

Last example would be a review that said VM doesn't work with Paypal. I did some research by looking at hundreds of VM sites. Interestingly I found that majority of them are using Paypal! Some are combined with 2CO or other local payment processors as well. So my conclusion is VM does work with Paypal. My other logic thinking said since Paypal is the most common payment processor in the world, why on earth would VM ever want to have no interest in supporting Paypal in the first place (as what the review said)? What's the advantage of doing so? I'm not seeing any except all the disadvantages, instead.

I guess these kind of unweighted reviews must be reviewed first by the moderator before it was posted whether it's truly a review or just a junk note.