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byeskimal, February 16, 2012
Virtue Affiliate
Please, don't throw away your money. If you are lucky and don't need any support, it's not a bad component. But I found a big bug (there where many comisions for just one single order), and all I got from the developer was "We try to fix this in the next version". My support ticket is #2MYFYWZOWZ (in case he tries to say I'm not a customer). I then sayed I couldn't wait, so maybe I could edit some php file if he told me which file to edit (so that at least the affiliates could see the order number, something they can't do now), he said "my job is not to be a php teacher". And in his final answer, when I showed how astonished I was for getting such a bad response, he just said "If you already know is a bug that means nothing else that you are billion times more smart than us".
I understand that components may have bugs, and that it may be hard to detect or correct them sometimes, but I cannot understand how is it possible that a developer answers in such un unpolite way to his paying customers.
Owner's reply


What is stated here is completely false. We'll skip the fact that's not a review but more like an attack to our business and we'll present the facts as they are.
We never identify you as one of our customers and we don't have any ticket with the number you provided.
We are completely devoted to our customers and anyone can see that checking our forum and we are offering support in a shortest possible time with a maximum of efficacy.
Our product is updated frequently and if any bug reported we try to release the fixes as soon as possible.
It's sad to see how decent Joomla! developers, serving community for years, providing high-quality extensions are attacked by these people.