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Auto onPageLoad Popup
On our intown coffee site we needed a way to increase newsletter signups.

We used the auto onpageload popup to do it.

Worked great!

Had a couple of conflicts with the mailchimp script. Infyways support got the issue solved right away.

I will not hesitate to purchase another infyways extension in the future.
We have been super happy with OBRSS, in fact I have standardized on it for both client and personal sites.

It is a paid solution and the support you get is well worth it.

We use OBRSS and several of the plugins RSS Merge, K2 RSS, Zoo RSS, JReviews RSS, and a couple others I can not remember.

All of these addons create an easy way to generate rss feeds from different components and combine them into a single feed that can be promoted.

We have been very happy with OBRSS and the support over the years.

-- Steven
Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2
I have used K2 off and on for quite some time, recently we started including K2 on just about every site, some sites can have quite a few extra fields. One feature that K2 is missing is a way to manage all of these extra fields. That is where Multiple Extra Field Groups comes in.

This extension lets us assign only specific extra field groups to different categories which helps with client sites. It gives the end user a simpler interface to work with when adding K2 items.

Right now the extension works and works well, you do have to turn the Joomla error reporting to none or warnings will appear. Hopefully the author will get these details fixed.

We like this extension and excited to see how it will improve over time.
byeskwire, January 31, 2013
Custom HTML
This module was installed by a developer I am working with on a project. It all seems to work well. I was surprised to find that it had a link back to their site that uses CSS to keep it hidden.

I wish there was a way to do disable this or at least let people know that the link was there.

I also felt like the extension directory used to let people know if the developer included a link back to their site.
byeskwire, October 10, 2012
Multiple Images for K2
Like many of the other reviews I can not say enough about the excellent support and great plugin.

K2 Multiple images solved the challenges for my setup. I had a few questions and Andrey answered them right away.

I was even an early upgrader to a new version of K2 for Joomla 3.0. the muliple images plugin needed a change and Andrey had a working version to me in 1 hour of my support request.

I build Joomla sites professionally and can say this extension and the support is some of the best I have come across. Hope this helps!
byeskwire, December 13, 2011
Header Tags
This plugin solved a problem I had been having for a while. Many of My Pages had h2 tags instead of h1

Within 2 minutes the issue was resolved.

Just wish the Joomla core had better control over the h1 / h2 tags.

This extension worked great for me.
byeskwire, February 21, 2009
Modules Anywhere
This is plugin is a real time saver if you need to add module positions to a content item.

Love the ability to add a single module instead of loading an entire module position.

I added a few extra modules to my home page and did not have to recode the template.

Thanks so much!