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byespaco_automoti, June 11, 2014
User Article Manager
I am developing a Portal, where some user will have the power to edit and create articles. I was having a problem, there isn't a way to create a menu with the users' articles only (so simple, so basic and Joomla doesn't offer this kind of menu item yet). After trying to find a solution, I've bumped with UAM.
Very simple, direct, easy to install, fast to setup and does the job very well.
If I could point something that could be polished is the layout, which could be done using divs instead of tables, to acomodate better with responsive templates, aside this tiny little detail, the component is brilliant.
Thanks for offering such a great tool for free.
byespaco_automoti, May 27, 2014
BM Articles Nice Slideshow Res
I am using this slider to show articles from my website, that is focused on racing cars. The installation is very simple and in a few seconds I was ready to go. It didn't slow down my site nor produced any kind of error, neither instability.
The slider itself is very beautiful and very well designed, has a good title structure and information configurable by the backend. What I wasn't expecting is that it can play videos directly from the slider. It does not open a new window or a modal window, or something, it plays right in the slider! I never seen a slider that gets information from Joomla articles to do it, the usual is to show only pictures.
The support is terrific. Paul is very kind and tries everything he can solve problems.
So, I am very happy to give this extension an Excellent rate, the developer and the extension both deserve it. Very well done. Recommended.
byespaco_automoti, February 16, 2013
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
The extension is good, works nice for a lot of sites and articles. Easy to install and setup.
The proble is the support, is zero.
byespaco_automoti, November 1, 2012
I've been using Joomla for about 6 years. There are a lot of extensions out there, but just a few there really worth it. SigPlus is one of the best extensions you can find. It has so many features, but if you just install it and use it with it's default settings, it will work as good as well. So, it is a tool for beginners and advanced users.
What I am missing a little are the SigPlus extenions like search and the editor buton for Joomla 2.5. I've tried one that I found, but it didn't work. Despite that, the extension is brilliant and surprisely free.
Thank you so much for this woderful extension.
byespaco_automoti, October 24, 2012
Contact Enhanced Component
I've been using Joomla for about 5 years. A year ago I started to develop sites for clients and this where a quality product with quality support comes first.
Contact Enhanced is a swiss knife, it's practical, easy and very flexible. It's for the advanced and basic users.
A great product would be almost nothing without a great support, and this is one of the best supports you can get. Douglas is very fast and gives you the right solution every time. He is competent and polite (so rare these days).
This is an easy 5 stars, for sure. It worths every penny.
byespaco_automoti, September 13, 2012
jQuery Easy
I am using Joomla 2.5 and consider myself an experienced user. After installing a lot of things in my site, I didn't notice that some functions stopped working. Well, if you install many things, to uninstall one by one until you find the guilty is a pain in the nack and you wast a lot of time (precious, if I may say).
JQuery Easy made its name worth it. Solved JQuery conflicts, easy and simple, I just activated the plugin and enabled the option "Enable JQuery".
Thank you very much, saved a lot of headaches and time consuption.
Owner's reply

You are very welcome, thank you for the review!

Slideshow CK
At first I was a little bit skeptic about it - after so many disappointments, with free and paid extensions around. But this one proved me wrong, that still there is competent professionals.

The first two versions had some glitches, which was solved in a record time. Now I can easily say that this extension deserves the Excelente rating by far. The Excelent rating goes to the support as well.

I am using it for a racing car site and it fits like a charm, without any conflicts, working with images and videos. The most amazing thing about it is the "inteligence" of the slideshow for videos: any other extension that works with images and videos (the few ones that do it), can not have the "auto play" activated, or you will not be able to watch the video until the end, because it will skip automatically to the next slide. Slideshow CK stops the slideshow when you click on a video to watch, allowing you to watch it until the end - just amazing.

Cédric is very patience and responsive, also very polite.

I can not say anything negative about it, honestly.

The installation and configuartion is a walking in the park, no secrets, no surprises.

By far one of the best extensions I've been working with in these five years dealing with Joomla.

Keep up the great work, we are in need of professionals like you.
byespaco_automoti, January 28, 2012
Redirect on Login
Very simple to install, lots of options, very easy to understand though.

If you need a solution to redirect groups of users or users themselves to a certain place on your site, this is by far the best and stable extension. Also, the contact with the developer, is very responsive and polite.

In my opinion, this extension can be installed and configured by beginners Joomla users with no difficult, in less than 3 minutes I had Redirect-On-Login installed and working smoothly in my site - and I am not an advanced user.

I used this extension for a magazine site, so that users would see news related to their states when they login. It worked so well that I deciced to buy the commercial version, which also is very affordable.

It's 100% recommended.
byespaco_automoti, January 20, 2012
The plugin itself is very easy to install and configure.
I had a problem with it when I changed the template to one made by YouJoomla, the plugin stoped working. After a post on the developr's forum, a few e-mails and the problem was solved. The support is very important to make customers happy, and Carsten did an excelent job, with patience and very polite too.

I'd like to call your attention to the fact that this is the only product that does this kinf of thing for Joomla 1.7 and, even though, it is free.

Highly recommended.
byespaco_automoti, October 12, 2011
Article Lister
A simple module that does what it says: Listas the articles within a category, section and or category/section.

Nothing much to say, I've installed, configured and it worked without any erros in about 2 minutes, with Joomla 1.5 and using the ModulesAnywhere plugin to show the module inside my article.

Just perfect!
byespaco_automoti, September 26, 2011
JUNewsUltra Pro
The module itself is promising and looks good. It's not difficult to configure and use. The only problem now is the developer, support and demo page that are in Russian.
I would like to read a little bit more about this module and others that the developer made, but in Russian is a no go.
byespaco_automoti, March 3, 2011
Very easy to install and configure. The support is good, also. I am using it on a racing cars website and it made my articles more professional and eye catching. The plugin can be configured both by experienced and basic users, but if you have any doubt on how to do anything, just use the author's forum and you will be answered.
Highly recommended.
byespaco_automoti, February 12, 2011
This component was released by the same developer who made XGallery. XGallery for me was a great deal and so is XMove. It's easy to install, easy to manage and gives you a very good control over the final layout, and on the top of it: it is FREE. Not just the applications are good, but the real difference here is the support, which is very fast and precise. Dana, the person who wrote this solution, is very responsive and always ready to help you to solve your issues. I use XGallery and XMovie in my website (a racing cars website), which has tons of photos and videos and I don't have any kind of major problems related to the solutions.

So, if you are looking for some stable solution with a first class support, this is your answer.
byespaco_automoti, February 9, 2011
Lof SlideShow Pro
At fisrt I tried the Author's free products, and it was so worth it that I've decided to buy some of the commercials too. One of them was Lof SlideShow Pro Module. I am using it in a car competition/news site and it gave a better and professional look for my website. It's easy to install and also easy to configure. The only thing that you be aware is that it will have some issues with templates that have more than one JQuery loaded. But the developer is very responsive and give a very good support to solve this issues.
So, this module will be easly installed and configured either by experienced and rookies joomla users. It has a very professional look. The support is also very good.