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byesperado, June 8, 2013
ShowMB Template Slide
In the description, it is said that the module can read images from a folder: it is not true, you have to enter each image manually. I had to modify the code to list the images from a folder.
Too, i had to modify the js in order to get the images centered horizontally, and to get the thumb's ribbon outside of the box and not *inside the images*.
So, for the time, it is a yet promising module in beta, on my opinion.
byesperado, July 27, 2010
Kide Shoutbox Lite
I had tried (and modified) may-be all the ajax/javascript or flash shoutboxes of the market.
With no very good reults.
In one word, this one is PERFECT. All the features you need, easy to customize with CSS, easy to hack with a clear and simple coding style, stable, no compatibility problems, despite my site is running Mootools, Jquery and a lot of custom JS scripts. And sooo fast !
Installed in two clicks, works out of the box.
Congratulations ans so much thanks to the author fot this wonderfull piece of art.
byesperado, June 20, 2010
R3D Floater
This module works perfectly to show an empty box with a nice sliding effect.

Who can find any sens to this module with the lack of instructions to put content in the box ? Gougle is full of message of people lost whith this problem, for years now.
Worse, the module do not look like saving my settings, i was obliged to overwrite with css !

Do not waste your time with "this pain in the ass"'s addon.