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byespprojects, November 12, 2012
There is clearly a lot of power and flexibility with this product but it is very hard to use. It needs a lot more attention to the basics.

I created a form in "Easy Mode" and added a submit button. When I pressed the submit button I expected the default behaviour would be to submit the form. Instead it took half an hour of Googling to find I have to add an "Action Script" and choose "ff_validate_submit".

Similarly when I wanted a thank you page I had to learn how to edit a script and add a line of code "ff_switchpage(2);"

This is not "Easy Mode" there is no way I would recommend this to a client.
Owner's reply


the easy mode is not hard to use:

You can add any sort of predefined action to the submit button. A submit action is only one of them.

This is clear and easy concept and is explained in the docs. You also should have access to our club forums and could have asked on doubts rather than googling.

I also wonder that why you purchased an extension that you wouldn't recommend to a client? There is a free version of this extension available that you could have played with before purchasing.

However, there is also the QuickMode and I guess you are one of the users where quick means easy.

The different modes are explained on our site and also has been explained plenty of times here in the review section of the JED.

Why didn't you try this one instead?

Again, if you think quick = easy, then simply use the QuickMode and you are fine.