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byessiele, November 23, 2013
1. Quick to install (well...)
2. Easy to implement - click the button, enter the php code, toggle tags, insert!
3. Brilliant!
byessiele, October 26, 2013
What? Nothing!
I'm so glad I purchased this extension; it does exactly what it says on the tin... nothing. What? Nothing!

The real beauty is that it does nothing soooo well! In this instance, I was quite happy to give something for nothing. What? Nothing!
.... and this is no exception!

BGMax is the BIZ! Install, tweak, publish... boom!
Simple back-end UI, brilliant front-end result!

Currently using it on a Shape 5 Vertex template, on which I've tried extensions with supposedly similar capabilities and got undesirable results (jQuery conflicts).

If I was gonna make a Joomla! extension, THIS is how I'd make it!

Well done.
byessiele, April 4, 2013
I wanted a pop-up facility for the login and registration sections of the website I'm working on, I've tried a few... even one that came from the same company as the template I'm using (still love you, guys), but wasn't getting the result I sought. Then I tried (drum roll) MODALIZER! Had a few teething issues, particularly jQuery conflicts, which had me almost pulling my hair out. Also, I had to figure out where to effect the class (was the index.php file) and which class to effect, as I'm using another pop-up facility for a timed splash page (class="modalizer"). In the end, I was happy that I didn't need to bother Peter, although I'm pretty sure he'd be only too eager to assist.
The funny thing is I've downloaded and installed Modalizer on another project prior to this one, but never got the chance to use it. Now, I can't wait to get as much usage out of it as I possibly can! In fact, I'll get the commercial version as soon as I'm able.
Great extension, Peter. Great job!
byessiele, September 8, 2012
I was looking for an extension that offered the facility of showing tweets from multiple accounts. Stumbled upon Latest Tweets and never looked back!
Very simple to install and configure, as well as a very neat. Had a problem with getting the scroll function to work, contacted the support team and they responded almost immediately!

Well worth the money!
byessiele, August 24, 2011
HOT Login
Love it!

There was absolutely nothing to it; I installed the module, went to the plugin manager and enabled it.

At first, it was only showing on the home page, but as soon as I went into the login module and enabled visibility on all pages, that problem was solved.

Kudos to the developer(s) of this module. As a newbie to building websites, it's exactly what I needed... something simple! Methinks I'll use it on every site I create. Oh, and thanks for making it free.