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byetagure, October 15, 2014
Minitek Wall Pro
I wait for module like this long time. When I try free version, I buy Pro version with K2/Joomsocial integration. This module is ideal for making goodlooking news/magazine site, has a ton of option and customizable Layout with ajax pagnation - In one word - a must have componet/module for joomla
byetagure, October 12, 2014
I use this plugin with template (brflatlia) from same owner. Probably this is best solution for mobilize joomla site. Work topnotch
byetagure, August 12, 2014
OS Property
It is great real estate component with very good price. I buy component with template and install as quickstart package. It is great way to start with real estate web portal. I ask support for some modification, because in my Country we have some different regulation. In express way support team made for me modification. My recommendation...
byetagure, June 14, 2014
Vertical Accordion Menu - All in One
I use nextend accordiom menu almost one yea. This is great product with lot of possibilities. When I migrate to Joomla 3.3 and start use system cache I have small visibility problem with menu. I contact author of module and he helped me even my subscription is expired. This is great
byetagure, June 9, 2014
Graet module with much much setting possibility. On frontend looks great, ideal for news joomla sites
byetagure, June 9, 2014
Giant Content
10 layout, a lot of setting, great looking, swiss knife for joomla, and it is free
In one word - module is Great
byetagure, February 26, 2014
Responsive Scroller for Articles
I searched for module who can made my news site more attractive and good looking. I found Responsive Scroller for Articles. After few presale question, I purchased module. And wow, I used it on few position on my site and site look as I wish.
Module has a lot settings possibilities, and support is really fast. My recommendation for module
byetagure, February 2, 2014
I look long time what tagging system use for Joomla. I choose Powertags, and it was good choice. Powertags works without problems, and has great styling possibility. Support is also great.
byetagure, January 27, 2014
Gallery Anywhere
For good price I buy plugin Gallery anywhere. Wow, I was suprised. You can simple put your gallery where you want. Best thing is you can mix galleries from various sources: local, picasa, flickr and you cam mix photos and videos form youtube and vimeo. Plugin comes with five beautiful themes. I reccomend this plugin to all who use Joomla.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!

byetagure, January 26, 2014
BT Media Gallery
This is great video and photo gallery for Joomla. For good price you get component, modules and plugin to insert galley into article, all with attractive two themes. All medias (video and photo) has option to share and comment and images has wattermark option. You can get sources from local or from online photo and video services (picassa, vimeo, youtube..) And important, support is fast and great.
byetagure, November 18, 2013
BM Articles Tab Ajax Slider
After I try two similar products in which I have not been satisfied, on JED I see MB articles ajax tabs. After presale conversation I buy product, and wow. Module in all fit my needs. I have some sugestion for module and author of module incorporated this possibility in module. Bravo, great support and product
byetagure, August 13, 2013
Smart Slider 2
Lot of possibility, Very nice looking slider, Simple to use, and for me most important-fast and good support
byetagure, June 27, 2013
Latest News Enhanced Extended
I use this module on frontpage of my magazine site. Using multiple copies of this module (with varying settings) I get good looking magazine site.
Author of module (Oliver) has great support and gladly helps me if I had trouble :-)
Owner's reply

I do appreciate the review, thank you very much. I am here to help as much as I can with issues and I must say it is rather gratifying to know I have a satisfied user...

byetagure, April 2, 2013
AL Facebook Comments Box
Tried few similar plugin, but find that Al facebook is for me best. Have some problem when I install K2, contact autor of plugin, and he give to me new version which does not make problem with K2
-my recommendations
byetagure, August 18, 2012
Really great plugin that makes my Joomla site better. I ask author of plugin for some interest modification, and he helped me how do it.
byetagure, July 25, 2012
I look for put some extra field in joomla article, and after long time searching I found solution in Fields Attach. The component is more simple of the others cck, and much more easy. That is a component which missing in joomla.
byetagure, October 10, 2011
After reading some bad review, I was in dilemma to purchase product. After some presale question with Andrey I qot quick and clear response and I buy subscription for one month. I have small problem with upload pictures from frontend, and Andrey resolve express my problem.
PRO: Great and nice looking component, with lot of possibilities
CONS: No discount on renewal for one month subscription
byetagure, July 18, 2011
GMapFP : Google Map
Gmap is for best joomla map display componet. I try many other similar componets but gmapfp is the best. It offer everything you need for map display, Fabrice, owner of componet is very serviceable, and support is excellent. I buy pro version with some templates, which offer some additional funcionality to great component.
Owner's reply

I try to always answer quickly and by yes.

byetagure, October 5, 2010
Shoutcast Stats & Ajax Refresh
I try to find something like this and found in this product. Have some problems and staff helped me to resolve problem(problem was not from author of module, problem was by web hosting settings).
Stergios Zgouletas from staff was very courteous and thoroughly answered all my questions.
All respect.
byetagure, September 18, 2010
App is really great. But I have one problem, it is probably template confilct problem, but can not resolve it. When open in IE8 open window with message (Object expected - mootools.js - line 23....). In firefox and chrome everything is ok. In one word, app is excellent
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