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byetnatracker, September 2, 2012
This wonderful component has even more feature than I could expect from a contact form! I though a simple module could be enough, but when a looked at the backend I realized why the author decided to create a component.

5 stars, absolutely!
byetnatracker, September 2, 2012
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Ninjaboard has a huge potential, but right now I would say it is not suitable for everyone, for two opposite reason.

1) Joomla newbies: the Chamaleon engine is very powerful, but as every automatic process it could lead to unexpected results (or your template could be unsuitable for it). You have to try it in order to find out the result, you could need to write your own css directives or modify your template (or ask support to the team, which is great)

2) Advanced user: many features have to be added in Ninjaboard to fit advanced requirements: Lock/unlock forum, set a sticky post on top, insert ads between the posts, integrate a captcha system (you can use third party extensions, but I would prefer an integrated solution), a forum search engine (there is a plugin to integrate results in native Joomla engine, but I don't use that native search!), a forum menu item for profile management (I could not find in the backend) to and so on.

To make it short, you have to try Ninjaboard to find out wheter it fit your needs or not. It is very easy to install and manage, the look and feel is great and if Chamaleon loves your template, it will perfectly merge you look&feel.

I'm really looking forward for 1.2 version, I'm sure it will fill many gaps
byetnatracker, July 19, 2012
ARI Ext Menu
Very nice menu, I decided to try it on my web site and I managed to make it works (with a few customization) having a fixed width on first level and an automatic width with in the sliding level, which is the perfect behaviour for a vertical sliding menu.
Sliding and fading effect are also parametrizable from module parameters.
The only concern I have is related to the javascript size: more than 80kb js makes it the biggest js I have and pagespeed seems not so happy! This is the reason for the 4 star review
byetnatracker, November 27, 2011
Easy Like and Share Lite
...there's still a strange issue: with Internet explorer 8 and Firefox 7, in the category and section view, the google plus button appears just on the first article.
Hope you'll fix on the next release. By the way, the plugin is far better than many other I tried. The performance are excellent and there were no errors on the browser (tested with firefox and IE javascript consoles)
byetnatracker, October 7, 2010
Social Share and Vote Button
Good plugin, thank you for sharing. I didn't gave top rating due to an issue with google buzz button, which I cannot use on my site because it "destroys" the style of the component placed next to it.