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byeuphemus2, April 27, 2013
Zh GoogleMap
When you first open up zh Googlemap you think "Whoa, I'll never figure this out". Its so feature rich - there's so much this component can do. But don't be daunted - Go for it.

I've used it for really simple maps and for very complex interactive maps - I mapped a whole state of Australia, breaking it up into approximately 90 individual highly detailed territories (polygons). This component made what seemed like the impossible, very easy. And I've seen what others have done and some of them are amazingly awesome - the detail and the features are mind-blowing.

Once you finish, you think "I wonder if I could add [something/anything]?" YEP! Its all there - anything I can think of, this component does it.

The instructions are a bit difficult - the English is a bit broken, BUT ask the developer on his forum and he's straight back to you with the answer. Can't ask for more.

AND, this component is regularly updated with new features.

I love it. Just excellent.
byeuphemus2, July 5, 2012
CoalaWeb Traffic
This visitor counter is excellent. Installed first go, effortless to configure, lots of features. I started with the v4 beta and used Joom's Extension Manager Update to load the v5 beta - not a hitch (bodes).
This V-counter is Split into two parts: a module and a component.
--- The module ---
All the features of the best counters (I've used a few) and its straight-forward to configure. It is the module that controls how the counter works (time offsets, IP blocks, bot blocks, etc.) - configuring the counter entire is done inside the module.
One note: It will only count visits to the pages the module is published on - but with so many styles its pretty easy to find the right look for all funnel pages so visitors get counted. I use a horizontal text line style on the footer on every page.
--- The component ---
A back end interface with a full list of all visits with timestamp and IP details. It also has an interface to enter known IPs so regular visitors can be instantly identified.
Note: I can't seem to find a sort or search feature for the component but I have alerted the developer to this. Being a beta release I expect that will be fixed soon.
All up an excellent, easy to use free extension. The developer looks new to extension development but has produced here a really solid offering - his feedback / support seems good too (he's not all jaded like some developers get over time).
Highly recommended.
Owner's reply

Wow thanks for such a detailed and positive review I really appreciate the feedback, as for the search and filter options in the component I agree it would be a very helpful addition so it's on the list for a future release.

byeuphemus2, March 19, 2012
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BreezingForms (Lite)
I can usually figure out anything. I've never given a bad rating but this extension just leaves me wondering "what?". One minute it works fine then it doesn't. Nothing changed so why? I've been over and over it - scanned all the forums - taken all the advice. I give up. Frustrated.
Owner's reply


don't you think if something is not working the next minute it could be a lead that you have a general issue on your site?

Well, since you not tell us here what is not working but just showing frustration, then it is hard to tell what it could be, so I offer you contact me here => and I'll have a look.


byeuphemus2, November 4, 2011
Twitter FollowMe
It did what it said: downloaded -> extension manager -> upload & install -> module manager -> simple setting params -> and... it worked first time! Brilliant! Simple -> Love it!
byeuphemus2, August 14, 2011
Modules Anywhere
This little plugin is amazing. In every edit window for modules and articles there is the Modules Anywhere “add module” button – press the button, select the module, in it goes and off it goes – it works. This is so easy – the best thing I’ve found in ages for Joomla. I will install it in every Joomla website I make. It should be standard issue.