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byevan_w, March 13, 2013
Event Booking
Being a bit of a newbie and somewhat capable user of Joomla, I tend to look for extensions where I can benefit from what they are supposed to do + have the chance to learn as I go without to many barriers. Support is important for me.

What I have found with "Event Booking" is that I get the whole package. It makes me glad to know that when I submit a ticket, there is a consistency and proficiency in response. That said, it adds up to a near perfect Joomla Component. Service is timely, willingness to disclose information is high, and helpfulness is OUTSTANDING when in a bind trying to "fine-tune" configurations. Nice to have good support experiences like the ones I have had & I am sure I will need as I expand my usage.

Some say we should always communicate the I'll also note that Even Booking works as it should right out of the box too.

2 thumbs up!! If I had more thumbs, they would be up too!