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byevano, August 23, 2013
Testimonial Fader
What can I say? This product is one of the few Joomla products that does exactly what it states, and then some! Support is EXCELLENT and the component/module are really easy to configure/skin etc.

I would recommend this to anyone needing Testimonials for Joomla!

A Very Happy Customer
Store Locator
What more can I say then what's in the title? I was asked to include a zip code store finder for a high profile client of mine. After looking through the list of options here on the joomla extension site, only one really stood out. Store Locator. Not only was it a one off purchase (the other good ones require an ongoing subscription!! AS IF!) but it was extremely easy to set up and easily customisable to mine and the clients needs. I have also received great support for the Store Locator team and have no hesitation in using this product on my other sites and recommending it on to other clients and developers...Many thanks!