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byevilclowntx, January 30, 2013
RealEstateManager Basic
Every component, plug-in, module is coded differently and with a different vision. I decided to give Joomla2.5 a chance after 1.7 I moved to other CMS like Modx, EE, etc. Currently working on developing a real estate listing site I need to test and check what actually works and what I can modify to the needs of my client. I decided with this one. Many great futures, many solutions, out of the box contains almost everything you will want for free. Now the issue comes in when you actually try to implement it on the default Joomla design, bad codes, breaking stuff. For me it was a turn off because I know if it has issue working with a default theme imagine with a custom one. Documentation is bad, and hard to find. Once you go into the forums all they offer is their service on pretty much all the responses. You might say, hey is a freebie they need to make money. Yes, I agree. But if you are going to launch something for free in-order to increase your customer base, stand behind your product.

It has potential to be awesome addition, maybe the paid version don't have the issues the free one has.

Hope to work with this in a future version.